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Pioneering Detox and Rehab Choice

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TTP: Pioneering Detox and Rehab Choice

Over years of providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, one thing has always been clear. Everyone is different. Different needs, experiences, responses and journeys. What works for one doesn’t necessarily give the best results for another. So the best way to help as many people as possible to achieve long-term recovery is to offer choices. To overcome addiction, people need access to a diverse range of services, treatments and accommodation options, backed up by the expertise and strength of an organisation dedicated to nurturing each individual client and their recovery.

TTP have taken this experience and created a nationwide network of inpatient detox and residential rehabilitation centres offering a range of treatment options.   From fully Residential Rehabilitation centres for people with complex needs, through to Community Rehabs, where clients have an opportunity to recover in a “real world” setting, TTP have a Rehab Recovery choice for everyone.  And by utilising evidence based treatment interventions clients are able to choose the philosophy that best matches their own belief system.  From Therapeutic Community, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through to 12 step programmes.  TTP offer proven, evidence based programmes, delivered by highly qualified and professional team of counsellors, many of whom are in recovery.

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