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TTP Bradford, Inpatient Detox

Built in 2009, TTP Bradford was originally commissioned by the Department of Health as the only detox unit of its kind in West Yorkshire. The 12-bedded detox unit is equipped to accommodate people with limited mobility and wheelchair users who can self care and can make provision for some additional personal care needs.

TTP Bradford provides a safe, supportive environment, where clients can complete a physical withdrawal from drugs and/ or alcohol, or stabilise their use safely with medical support and within a specialist treatment setting. All clients participate in a treatment programme including individual care plan development and reviews, group work and social activities.

Working closely with referrers and with weekly support available for families and friends, much is done to help clients sustain the health improvements possible from treatment at TTP Bradford. Central to everything at the service is a person-centred approach where all interventions are based on individual need, circumstances and choices.

Choose Person-Centred Treatment

The TTP Bradford detox programme addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit. A medically managed detoxification or stabilisation is supplemented by a wealth of group and individual sessions and talks to help provide maximum long-term benefit. Complementary therapies are also available and include relaxation, exercise and acupuncture.

A Personal Care Plan will address the needs identified during referral and assessment and will be monitored and adapted as appropriate through reviews held regularly throughout treatment. Physical health improvements will be a key part of the care plan reviews and will be adapted as needs change.

Trained nursing staff are on duty 24-hours-a-day with a doctor on site most days along with a centre manager and support staff. A mobile dental unit attends every two weeks and a clinical psychiatrist is available in an advisory capacity. External healthcare including podiatry, wound care, emergency dentistry and diabetes nursing can also be arranged.

An aftercare group is held at the centre every week and is free to access for up to three months after discharge.

Choose Extra Care

TTP Bradford goes the extra mile to provide an effective and holistic detox experience.

At lunch and dinner a varied, nutritious diet, specially tailored to the needs of those undergoing detoxification is prepared on-site by trained catering staff. All religious, ethnic and cultural food requirements, special diets and allergies can be catered for.

The importance of family and friends to recovery is understood, as are the difficulties they face. A support and advice group for families and friends is held every Sunday at the centre, prior to visiting time.

Choose Purpose-Built Facilities

Everything needed for a comfortable and valuable detox experience is under one roof at Bradford. Set over two floors and with a large lift for disabled access, each floor has a medical room and kitchen facilities for staff and client use.

On the ground floor are plenty of rooms for admissions, interviews, group and key-working sessions as well as a well-equipped Learning Room. A family room is filled with sofas, toys and books and there is also a large communal lounge equipped with TV, DVD, Wii Fit, an exercise bike, books and more.

Leading off the main kitchen is the bright and uplifting dining area where staff and clients eat together at lunch and dinner. Outside is a spacious private courtyard with smoking area, plants, seating and outdoor games.

All 12 bedrooms are on the first floor along a light and wide corridor. Every bedroom has en-suite facilities and is fully furnished, including a desk and chair, to provide a practical, secure and restful haven.

Choose an Easy to Reach Location

On the outskirts of Bradford, the centre is easily reached on foot, by car and public transport being only five minutes drive from the motorway and ten minutes walk from the main bus and train stations.

TTP Bradford (Detox) Quick Facts

  • 12 beds
  • Medically managed detox and stabilisation
  • 24/7 nursing care on-site
  • Free family support and aftercare
  • Close to major motorways and public transport
  • CQC registered
  • Alcohol, drugs and prescription medication
  • Fully DDA compliant
  • TTP specialist prescribing GP (on staff)
  • Onward referral into TTP’s network of rehabs.